A Coffs Harbour centenarian who was born just five years after the first census in 1911 will tonight

Dear Andrea


I am writing to express my gratitude for the welcoming reception we received when I brought my husband Jo in for admission.


The first time I visited the centre last year I got a good vibe and enjoyed the tour with you.  I am happy to say that since Jo has moved in we have discovered that it is even better than we imagined. 


It has been very difficult for me to release Jo into the care of others as I have been looking after him for many years.  It has been difficult for him to make the transition also as he relied so heavily on me.  I was so stressed and upset leaving him there the first night however when I revisited a couple of days later he was settled and happy.  He told me how lovely the people are, both staff and residents.


I was surprised but pleased to see that his clothes were already labeled (this was never done at a previous home even after he’d been there for 7 months and I had purchased the labels which they then threw out only a week after he moved out when I returned to retrieve them).  Even his pictures were already up on the walls making the room feel like home.  


Today he told me that he had the best assisted shower ever including a hair wash from a lovely nurse.  He was then brought a hot cup of coffee in a china mug (he hates plastic).  


-Your maintenance man was very efficient fixing his TV, his pictures etc (the same afternoon we arrived)!!

-Your physiotherapist arranged for a KS bed within 48 hours of him being there. 

-Your nurses are very efficient and seem happy at work!  They are truly fantastic!

-Andrea, you had time to see me this morning for a chat when I came and knocked on your door.


The only thing missing is wi-fi as Jo would love to have the internet to keep him occupied.  It would be wonderful to see this introduced in the near future.


All in all, it has been a wonderful experience and I wanted to express my thanks.


Warmest regards,


Maria Lazar